"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." – George Santayana

Surely it might be a bit strange to create a website for (and about) a person that died over 70 years ago. But during a long period of stirring research I found out that my grandfather Walter Frick hadn’t died a natural death, but was murdered by the Nazis. Now it is my desire to tell his story.

The so-called „euthanasia murders“ during WW2 need to get more attention than we attach them so far. Often they almost seem to pale beside the Holocaust. Telling the story of my grandfather is highly important to me. He suffered from melancholy, maybe depressive episodes - something accepted as tather common in today's society. But in 1941 all it needed was a Nazi hardliner in the family...

Walter was father of two little children, husband, an ambitious conductor and just 32 when his wife was informed about his death. His story is to be substitutional for those of innumerous other victims of ns-"euthanasia".

Take a little time and read his story. Get to know the past.