"When I asked my soul what eternity does with the desires we gathered, it answered: I am eternity!" - Khalil GibraN

Julia Gilfert (Frick)



born in Ludwigshafen (Rhein)



final school exams


2009 til 2012

studying classical singing at Mannheim conservatory


2012 til 2013

studying protestant theology in Franconia


2013 til 2014

volonteer in a social-therapeutic community for mentally disabled


2014 til 2017

studying cultural anthropology and scandinavian studies in Kiel


since 2011

doing reseach about my grandfather being one of the victims of NS-"euthanasia"


since 2015

working on a book about my grandfather's life


since 2016

working for the T4 memorial's association in Berlin


What else?

ornithology/birding, nature photography, hiking, making music, handcraft

happily married since october 2017